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The McBrearty’s || Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa

A Perfect April Day: The Unforgettable Mcbrearty's Wedding

On the 22nd of April 2023, amidst the blossoming beauty of Derry, love took centre stage as the McBrearty's wedding unfolded. The air was filled with laughter, excitement, and the promise of a day to remember forever. From the bride's laughter-filled preparations to the heartfelt ceremony and the joyous celebrations that followed, every moment was captured in the lens of time by our cameras.

a picture of a white wedding dress hanging up

The day began with the sun casting a warm glow over Derry, setting the scene for a truly picturesque day. At the bride's house, the air was vibrant with laughter and anticipation. Despite the flurry of activity, nothing could phase the family and their closest friends. The atmosphere was one of joy and camaraderie, as the bride prepared to step into the next chapter of her life.

a picture of wedding flowers

As the clock ticked closer to the ceremony, there was a quick dash to get ready. Fionnuala's sister, her ever-supportive confidante, was right by her side. With the gentlest of touches and a heart full of love, she helped Fionnuala into her stunning wedding dress, a moment that held promises of lifelong sisterly bonds and shared memories.

a picture of the brides sister helping the bride get into her wedding dress

The heart-warming journey continued to St. Columba's Church, Long Tower. Against the backdrop of this timeless church, surrounded by their dearest friends and beloved family, the McBrearty's exchanged vows that will echo through the ages. The ceremony was a tapestry of emotions - smiles, tears, and tender glances. It was a reminder that love is the thread that binds us all, and on this beautiful April day, it bound the McBrearty's in a bond that will stand the test of time.

Following the ceremony, the journey led us to Swan Park in Buncrana. Here, amidst nature's beauty, we embarked on a location shoot. With the bride and groom as our focus, we captured the essence of their love against a backdrop of lush greens and serene waters. The bridal party joined in, adding their own vibrant colors to the tapestry of emotions captured in each frame.

As the sun began its descent, we arrived at the Ballyliffin Lodge and Spa. The couple was greeted with a champagne reception, their smiles reflecting the joy that radiated from their hearts. The sprawling grounds of the hotel offered a picturesque backdrop for the family photos that followed, a testament to the bonds that were celebrated on this special day.

Amidst heartfelt speeches that echoed the love and laughter that had filled the air all day, everyone was ready for a sumptuous dinner. With spirits high and hearts full, the gathering was fuelled up for the evening's entertainment, a continuation of the festivities that had begun at dawn.

The McBrearty's wedding was more than just a celebration; it was a journey of love, laughter, and lifelong promises. As the cameras clicked and the videos rolled, we captured every nuance of this remarkable day. The bride's laughter-filled preparations, the poignant ceremony, the stunning portraits, and the heartfelt celebrations - all these moments were woven into a story that will be cherished for generations to come.

To the McBrearty's, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. Your love story is a testament to the beauty of life's moments, and we're honoured to have captured them for eternity. As the sun set on that beautiful April day in Derry, it rose on the beginning of a new adventure - the adventure of a lifetime, woven together by love and sealed with a promise.

Here at Weddings by Nightowl, we feel extremely privileged to share such precious moments with so many couples every year. Our goal is always to make the entire process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you and your families. Time to get excited!

If you need wedding videography or photography make sure you get in contact with us soon! Our annual spaces fill up fast and we hate disappointing happy couples.

See you soon for some special moments!


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